Sass and Scss lybaries

Jun 1, 2016

Name Funktions
Jeed Grid System
Blendmode CSS doesn’t natively support color blending the way that Photoshop does. This library attempts to fake that by allowing you to blend a foreground color with a background color in order to approximate color blending. This is not a dynamic blend; you can’t use this to blend a color with an image. This was originally intended for use with the Compass Photoshop Drop Shadow Plugin but it proved impractical to integrate.
Base.sass Awesome features that you wanted
CSShake Shake your Items with CSShake
Color-Hacker Color Hacker is a handy little utility for helping you crack your color schemes using Sass color functions.
Color Shemer Color schemer is a robust color toolset for Sass.
color-me-sass Colour library for the css preprocessor Sass.
Fittext Compass extenstion / Sass mixin for inflating web type by generating media queries with progressively larger font sizes.
Garnish Garnish is a collection of Sass mixins and functions designed to make your life a tiny bit easier.
Flint Flint is a highly advanced Sass grid framework designed for rapid responsive development.
Typecsset It gives you an automatic, pixel-perfect, baseline grid across all textual HTML elements based entirely on just a few settings of your choice. Baseline grids without the headaches.
Sunglass A mixin and functions library for Sass